email: bird@chico.com
530 284 7053
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530 284 7053  email: bird@chico.com

Phantom 4 & Phantom 4 Pro Repairs

Our Labor Charge For Major Body Repairs Is $150.00, Needed Parts Are Additional.  We Are One Of A Few Facilities That Repairs P4 Gimbals. When Receiving A P4 Or Pro For Repair, We Firstly Evaluate The Gimbal Repair Possibility And Cost Combined With Needed Repairs For Body. Depending On Damage, Gimbal Repairs Including Parts Start At $275. Gimbles With Heavy Damage Average $400.00, Compared To Cost Of New.

e Specialize In DJI Mavic Pro & Pro 2 Repairs, Phantom 4 & Pro Repairs, Including Phantom 3 Body & Gimbal Repairs. After Your Repair I

P4 Shell  And Gear Replacement Can Be Completed In 3 Days For A Quick Turnaround. Repairing The P4 Gimbal Is Time Consuming As Gimbals Are Calibrated At Manufacture & Re-Calibration Takes Time, Testing And Patience If Repairable. Gimbal Repairs Average 2 Weeks For Completion. We Don’t Just Repair P4s,  And Mavics, We Fly Them For Part 107, And Know How To Keep Our Birds Flying. 

No Diagnostic Fee   No Pre-Pay   3 Day Repairs

How It Works

Need An Estimate? Call Us At 530 284 7053, Or email Us; bird@chico.com  With A Description Of Your Situation, And Photo If Possible. We Contact Our Customers The Day A Repair Is Received With An Estimate And An ETA For Completion. Daily Updates Are Provided Until A Repair Is Completed. Once A Repair Is Fulfilled & Test Flown, We email You An Invoice Payable By Credit Card Or Pay Pal. Our Repairs Include Firmware Upgrades & Test Flights. We Enjoy Our Work & Fully Guarantee It.

Shipping A Repair

No Forms Or Pre-Payment Required, Keep The Props And Battery, We Only Need The Drone & Controller. email Shipping Tracking Number To bird@chico.comAllowing Us To Track Your Shipment & Send Daily Repair Updates. When Your Repair Arrives, We Will Contact You With An Estimate & Completion Date. Any Questions? Give Us A Call.

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