email: bird@chico.com
530 284 7053
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530 284 7053  email: bird@chico.com

Phantom 3 Repairs 

We Still Repair The Phantom 3 Series, Pro, Advanced & Standard Models. Labor Charge For Replacement Of The Shell, Board, Or Motors Is $125.00, Needed Parts Are Additional. Our Average Shell Replacement Cost Is $185.00, Parts & Labor.  Depending On Condition, We  Repair The P3 Series Gimbals. Our Average Gimbal Repair Is $175.00, Parts & Labor.

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When We Receive A P3 Series Phantom For Repair, We Firstly Determine The Condition Of Gimbal For Repair. If The Gimbal Control Board, If Damaged They Are Not Available For Purchase, Leaving The Only Option Of A New Gimbal, Which Can Be Expensive And Possibly Not A Practical Investment Depending On Use  And Value Of Drone. We’ve Been Repairing P3s For Years. Our Repairs Are  Fully Guaranteed, & Test Flown. 

 No Diagnostic Fee   No Pre-Pay   3 Day Repairs

How It Works

Need An Estimate? Call Us At 530 284 7053, Or email Us; bird@chico.com  With A Description Of Your Situation, And Photo If Possible. We Contact Our Customers The Day A Repair Is Received With An Estimate And An ETA For Completion. Daily Updates Are Provided Until A Repair Is Complete. Once A Repair Is Fulfilled & Test Flown, We email You An Invoice Payable By Credit Card Or Pay Pal. Our Repairs Include Firmware Upgrades & Test Flights. We Enjoy Our Work & Fully Guarantee It.

Shipping A Repair

No Forms Or Pre-Payment Required, Keep The Props And Battery, We Only Need The Drone & Controller. email Shipping Tracking Number To bird@chico.com; Allowing Us To Track Your Shipment & Send Daily Repair Updates. When Your Repair Arrives, We Will Contact You With An Estimate & Completion Date. Any Questions? Give Us A Call.  

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No Forms Or Pre-Pay
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